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  • Schalenware Erdbeeren

Ines - 5-star taste produced in tunnels

Fruit of Ines
Fruit of Ines
Ines in raised beds
Ines in raised beds
Ines in tabletops - substrate culture
Ines in tabletops - substrate culture
Blooming plants of Ines
Blooming plants of Ines

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Fruit: middle to big sized, shiny red and glossy fruits which darken a little, very aromatic flavour

Picking date: 2-3 days before Magnum

Plant: open and upright habit, susceptible to Crown Rot, but resistant to Mildew, early flowering, Ines likes slightly acid sites with sufficient micronutrients

Protectedt variety, owner H. Frantz, DE

Available plant grades: A+ and A; 


Moving tunnelDirect selling
Fleece coveringPick Your Own

An early picking period and very aromatic and stable fruits are convincing arguments of this variety.

Ines is a Premium strawberry!

Under good growing conditions, Ines is a productive strawberry variety, but it reacts strongly to wrong placed N-fertilisation in late summer.

It is possible to harvest 2 times without crowning in tunnels.

Ines convinces on PYO fields and in moving tunnels.

Due to its open habit and early blooming compared to other varieties, we do not recommend covering with fleece and plastic (danger of late spring frost).