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  • Geschlossener Pflanzenbestand im Vermehrungsfeld

Quality is a top priority in the production of our young plants.

After the grain harvest, the fields we select for the coming season are sampled for Verticillium and nematode levels. As we are located in a predominantly agricultural region, we are always able to find virgin sites on which strawberries have never been grown. Under the DQE (German Quality Strawberry Plants) guidelines, the future propagation site also has to be as weed-free as possible.

Throughout the year, the plants are tested by independent inspectors from the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture in accordance with the guidelines of the interest group of German strawberry propagation companies (Interessengemeinschaft Deutscher Erdbeervermehrungsbetriebe). The plants are examined for a range of pests and diseases. The inspectors also assess the grading of the plants after lifting.

The interest group’s nationwide voluntary certification system is run by the fruit-growing division, Fachgruppe Obstbau. The quality regulations can be found on the Fachgruppe Obstbau website (in German).

After grading, the frigo plants are taken to our on-site cold stores where they are stored at a temperature of -2°C ready for shipment to our customers. This provides the perfect conditions for storing these plants.

We produce some of the Elite mother plants we use as starting material for field-grown plants ourselves in our saran greenhouse. This minimises the risk of diseases being brought in via the starting material.

In all our operations we ensure strict separation of strawberry production and young plant production. Regular hygiene and disinfection of both our materials and our workers are essential for ensuring that we supply our customers with pest- and disease-free plant material.

So you can be assured of healthy, high-yielding plants with a quality seal every time!