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  • Schalenware Erdbeeren

Luxury for direct sellers

Deluxe in open field production
Deluxe in open field production
Fruits of Deluxe
Fruits of Deluxe
Blooming Deluxe plants
Blooming Deluxe plants

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Fruit: big, shiny and round shaped fruits, good taste, high percentage of class 1 fruits, sensitive to rain

Picking date: 1-2 days before Sonata

Plant: upright habit, long peduncles, high picking rate is possible, high yield also in the 2nd year of harvest, resistant to Botrytis, Verticillium Wilt and Mildew, suitable for fields without crop rotation

Protected variety, owner Darbonne, FR

Available plant grades: A+ und A


Normal cultivationWholesale
Direct selling
Pick Your Own

Tasty and regular fruits are convincing arguments of Deluxe.

The compact picking period, a high percentage of class 1 fruits and long peduncles guarantee high picking rates and thus low picking costs. Deluxe does fine on plots without crop roatation. With an early planting date, a high yield can be reached.

Thanks to a regular fruit size, Deluxe can be used for biennial harvest.

We do not recommend to force Deluxe with fleece because flowers are blooming on top of the leaves and are therefore less protected against late spring frost.