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  • Schalenware Erdbeeren
MAR118 in substrate culture
MAR 118 in tabletop system
MAR118 fruits
Strawberries of MAR118 in tabletop system
Beautiful fruits of MAR118
MAR118 fruits

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Fruit: uniformly large, bright red, shiny fruits that retain their gloss. Good Shelf life, fresh sweet taste with high Brix values. Fruits do not darken.

Picking date: 2 after Flair, but earlier than Clery

Plant: Marvella has an open habit, with long, strong flower trusses. High picking rates can be achieved due to a compact harvesting window and a clear plant habit. The plants seem to be leaf healthy and are vigorous. Cold hour requirement: 850 h.

Protected variety, Variety owner Earth Market, CH

Available plant grades: A+ and A





A very early and attractive new strawberry selection!

Marvella showed very good results in experimental cultivation. It has so far been convincing in early cultivation in raised beds and plastic tunnels, as well as in early substrate culture.

Total yield and class 1 percentage are higher than with Flair. Fruits have a high Shelf Life and do not darken after harvest.

Due to a compact harvest window, high picking rates can be realised.